Here is a list of my scientific publications.

2022 - Impact of urban structure on infectious disease spreading
Scientific Reports

2021 - Interplay between mobility, multi-seeding and lockdowns shapes COVID-19 local impact
PLOS Computational Biology

2021 - Projecting the COVID-19 epidemic risk in France for the summer 2021
Journal of Travel Medicine

2021 - Unequal housing affordability across European cities. The ESPON Housing Database, Insights on Affordability in Selected Cities in Europe

2020 - Movilidad durante la pandemia - Mobility during the pandemic
Academic journal of Health Sciences of the Royal Academy of Medicine of the Balearic Islands

2020 - Migrant mobility flows characterized with digital data

2019 - Field theory for recurrent mobility
Nature Communications

2018 - Agent Based Rumor Spreading in a scale-free network

2017 - Equilibria, information and frustration in heterogeneous network games with conflicting preferences
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment